The new ruling elite’s political marriage (Oromo politicians under Tigrayan Tuteledge)

Oromian Au Currant

Berehanu Tafese of Dandi, ex-governor of Ambo got married to Gen. Abba Dula Gammada’s sister.


Studied at Nativity Boys School (Cathedral),Meki Catholic School, Gambo catholic School (N. Nagelle) Mandida Catholic school,Daanno Baroddo (Dandi) Catholic School, Lycee Gebre-Mariam Gari French School, Gen. Wingate School, Nefas Silk, Prince Mekonnen schools, Teachers Training Institute (Asmara), Haile-Sellassie I University, Moscow Statistics Institute (Russia), College of North London, University of North London (now London Guilds Hall Univ), Birbeck College Univ London), Westminster University, University of North London, University of TN. Countries lived in: Oromia/Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Russia, Germany, UK, USA Countries Visited: Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France, Republic of Ireland.
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