Complted and incomplete Files: MATAKO, Bezzabih (Jima), Giiftii QAALLITTII of GALAAN, JIILLE MASSACRE, GAJJA Massacre, SODDO Displacement, Aabbichuu genocide and scatter, etc

The outcome of our discussion on the cold blood murder of Moti MATAKO BOJIA and Dejazmatch Bezibih (father of Jima) by King Menelik of Abyssinia was kept on PDF until unanimous permission is obtained and all facts compiled. The Wosenu Abba Farda issue, thew mariage of Fitawurari Amha Aberra Kassa to the daughter of Giftti Asselefech Alemu Ejersa MAAKO will be attached to the file. The issue of SALAALE Oromo eviction from their native land will follow. The second topic which was completed in September 2011: BARA BADI JIILLEE, the Gajja Massacre, and The SODDO Oromo forced resttlement in Gimbi, Wollagga, was ready for public readership on

The forced displacement and scatter of the Abbichu Oromo all over central Oromia and around BUNO BADDALLE, iIluu Abbaa Bora is left to Dr Abiyos Itticha Danboba.
The details on death by hanging of GIIFTII QAALLITTI of GALAAN, the betrayal Col. Comboni, was left incomplete as the Obbo Alemu RORRISAA of QAALLITTI was assassinated by the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) ruling party government of Ethiopia in soon after the post-CHARTER era.


Studied at Nativity Boys School (Cathedral),Meki Catholic School, Gambo catholic School (N. Nagelle) Mandida Catholic school,Daanno Baroddo (Dandi) Catholic School, Lycee Gebre-Mariam Gari French School, Gen. Wingate School, Nefas Silk, Prince Mekonnen schools, Teachers Training Institute (Asmara), Haile-Sellassie I University, Moscow Statistics Institute (Russia), College of North London, University of North London (now London Guilds Hall Univ), Birbeck College Univ London), Westminster University, University of North London, University of TN. Countries lived in: Oromia/Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Russia, Germany, UK, USA Countries Visited: Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France, Republic of Ireland.
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9 Responses to Complted and incomplete Files: MATAKO, Bezzabih (Jima), Giiftii QAALLITTII of GALAAN, JIILLE MASSACRE, GAJJA Massacre, SODDO Displacement, Aabbichuu genocide and scatter, etc

  1. Abera Lemma says:

    Dear Obbo Abarra
    Thank you got your heart wrenching comment. I am humbled by your comment om y meagre chats on FR. I wish knowledgeable like you come foresrf and share your rich knowledge. Anyway thank you for the ipliftng comment and positive evaluation of my interview transcripttranscript. Your wide knowledge could have helped more to rectify the twisted record of history than my offhand gibberish.
    Sincerely hours with love and honour
    My Dear Oboo Edao Boru, please accept my heartfelt appriciation and compliments for your dedication to pin point the real history and image of the Ethiopian Oromo people. Thank you for your impressive research works, interviews with Finfinee Radio etc…. Long live our dear brother to write and tell us more to know one self.

    Gaalataa gudaa waajiin,
    Abera L.

  2. Merga Tafa says:

    i have noticed that the history you have written is very important. I am very excited to learn about Ras Gobana and his family background. however , as my family and legends have told me he fought with Galan Oromo (as Abichu and Galan Oromo had fought each other for infulence or power) and he murdered many many Galan at the beginging of menlik11 invasion of oromo.( so why the legends say in Afaan Oromo kanlolu watadara warreen Goobana?)

    • Dear Margaa,
      The wars between Galaan and Abbichu and others were before Menelike’s escape from captivity under Theodros and from Queen Worqituu who gave him Mercy. There were wars between central Oromia clans for centralization. It is hard also to defend Lord Gobana against all political activities goven the internal and external pressure. Therefore your assertions and the Galan aphorisms in relation to his activities are not without facts of history.

      • Merga Tafa says:

        Guddaa Galatomaa Obbo Edao!
        It is really an eye opener to hear Oromos’ have lived or are living in Gojjam because my father and our grandfather have heard that our family( my family tree) had come from Gojjam before they settled in current land around jeldu- shikute( jalduu fi Shukutee). However, i dismissed at time arguing that there is no Amharic name in our family tree as they have thought me naming our family tree and couldn’t find a single Amharic name and i assumed that there were no Oromo generations in Gojjam. However, they knew nothing how they came and why they came to jeldu from Gojjam except they followed other Group who are Mecha Oromo while our family is from Tullama( Garassuu branched to small group called maamoo). In addition, its very scary and astonishing when i have learned Gonder nobles’ such as Ras Gugsa, Ras Alis’ and others were Oromo people. There are a lot to learn and needs a lot of research.
        Thank you brother.
        You are our legend and historian. please teach as more

  3. Merga Tafa says:

    Gaafi harawaa Obbo Oda!
    Yeroo Abbichuun Oromoo( Goobana Daacee) fi Galaan walwaraanan Galaan Oromoo isaan kami? Galaan macaamoo yookin kan Tuulamaat? Galan oromootif Ogganaan eenyuu?
    Fayyaa ta’a
    Margaa Guutaa Xaafaa

    • Galaan jechuin Aabbi, Adaa, Jidda Gumbichu, Maallima, Gajja wkg naanuma Shaaggar worra jitaatan. Galaan Tuulama. Mootin berkamaan worra akk Mojo Boxotaa faa turan

  4. Merga Tafa says:

    Guddaa galatooma obbo Oda!
    Balbali warra Galaan bayye ballaa fakkaata.
    Seena guddaa!
    Lubbu dheera jiraadha!

  5. Merga Tafa says:

    Obbo Edao akkam jirtan?
    Oromoon akkamiti seera gadaan buluu dhaabe( how they stopped practicing it? yeroo akkamit dhabate ?
    fayyaa ta’a!

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