A tribute to Sibhat Gebre’gziabher: personal perspective on Letum Ayinegalign


Tamrat Tam Rat.

[Feb 20, 2012]
No Addis Ababa downtown has ever been paid as much accolades as been paid for Wube-Bereha, Serategna Sefer, Doro Manekia endorsed by literary and theater writers; and lyricist. Much has been said about Addis fellas, namely called Aradas’, who had been constant and frequent visitors of those distinct bars and prostitutes. However, All anecdotes that has been narrated by journo, depicted by painters, recounted by Arada admirers and fans, epics and poems that was written by poetry and performed by musicians has no power of portraying the big reality of wube bereha et al. all forms of medias has built huge misconceptions and misunderstandings about Arada and Wube-Bereha, at least for me.

According to those media streams, Arada was a place where people had been tempting to visit perusing bale and boogie-boogie dance, party friends, affordable meal (Tire Siga be 1birr and 50 cent…

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Studied at Nativity Boys School (Cathedral),Meki Catholic School, Gambo catholic School (N. Nagelle) Mandida Catholic school,Daanno Baroddo (Dandi) Catholic School, Lycee Gebre-Mariam Gari French School, Gen. Wingate School, Nefas Silk, Prince Mekonnen schools, Teachers Training Institute (Asmara), Haile-Sellassie I University, Moscow Statistics Institute (Russia), College of North London, University of North London (now London Guilds Hall Univ), Birbeck College Univ London), Westminster University, University of North London, University of TN. Countries lived in: Oromia/Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Russia, Germany, UK, USA Countries Visited: Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France, Republic of Ireland.
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